International Friendship Day

Recently, we had our International Friendship Day events. It was performed during recess. During the lesson before recess, all the international students were called out earlier, preparing for the performance. We hang all the traditional clothes up onto string in order to showcase their beauty. We put our traditional food on tables and prepared utensils for  our friends to eat.

During recess, our schoolmates all came to canteen to eat. They were very proactive and interested in the diversity of traditions. They tried the food at almost every table. They tried the traditional costumes as well. I saw girls putting on a Chinese costume called Qipao and she looked very enjoyable. The all praised it for the good design.

After the activity. I always think of a question. Why are we having activity like this? what are the advantages? I think basically A good friendship between two countries is beneficial to both of their citizens. At least there won’t likely to be a war. A war is really terrible. It makes all the innocent people to suffer. A good friendship with other countries will contribute to their economy as well. It will help to build a better economic connection and interaction. They can earn money through trading. Some countries have the advanced techniques when some countries have a lot of resources and materials. This is the situation when they can cooperate and make profits. A good friendship with other country will also help when your country is in difficulties such as droughts and many other natural disasters. If you have a good relationship with others and leave a good impression to them. They may give out a helping hand.

However, this is human, we only do things that are beneficial for us. It should not be like this. Even there is no benefits. We should still help each other as we are all human living on the same Mother Earth.


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