International Friendship Day (draft1)

Recently, we had our International Friendship Day events. It was performed during recess. During the lesson before recess, all the international students were called out earlier, preparing for the performance. ( the process and details how we prepare it)

During recess, our schoolmates all came to canteen to eat. The were very proactive and interested in the diversity of traditions. The tried the traditional costumes and food as well.( more details about how they enjoy the activity)

1.A good friendship between two countries is beneficial to both of their citizens. At least there won’t likely to be a war.( give some examples and details).    2. A good friendship with other countries  will contribute to their economy as well. It will help to build a better economic connection and interaction. 3. A good friendship with other country will also help when your country is in difficulties( famine, droughts, poverty). If you leave a good impression to other countries, they may help.

Conclusion: the benefits and we are living on the Mother Earth. Even their are no benefits, or any advantages of be friendly to other countries, we should still do so. ( use a quote as an ending)

( editing grammar mistakes and use better vocabulary )




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