English Lesson Reflection

In a blink of an eye, I have been in this school for three plus months and have had many english lessons already. I would like to ask myself, am I improving or am I too indulgent with myself? Except for the compulsory work teachers have given me, I did not do any extra study. That is where I am disappointed with myself. As a international student, I have to admit that English is my weak point. I must study harder to catch up, but now I find myself stepping on the spot. I think it’s because I have already reached the target I set for myself before( pass AEIS and be enrolled by a school ), so I am already satisfied. However, it’s not right, it was just a little achievement, a good start of this long Marathon. There are still a lot of challenges waiting for me. 

English lesson is very fun, things we study are always connected to the society, to our life. The knowledge we learn is very useful in real life. Teachers teach us not only for exams, test papers. They let us to think on ourselves and we can also get more ideas from others through discussion. Topics we talk about are always very new and interesting. 

Although my writing skill is not bad, I am not confident with oral. When I talk in English, I will be feeling very nervous. Afraid to make any mistakes. When writing, I have time to think. Oral, conversational English is where I really need to improve in the future. In order to be fluent in English, firstly and basically is vocabulary. Speak more in English is a very good way to practice. Be brave and talk out loud. 


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