Movie Review

Chong Boon Secondary School

English Department
Movie Review

Name: Zhu Yiqing 

Class: 1E1

Date: 9 / 2 / 14

Title of movie: Tangshan Earthquake ( My friends who had already watched it asked me to carry a towel with me )

Describe the most exciting/memorable part of the movie. What do you think?: The moment when the earthquake occurred. The wall of buildings crackled one by one gradually. At first the leak formed a line connected every building. The scene was really horrific. After a few seconds, it quaked more violently. Houses started to collapse from the top, everywhere in the air was full of fly ashes. The whole estate/area was reverberated with the continuous and annoying sound of the alarming bell. Both of the parents were working downstairs as a worker in the midnight. However, their children were still upstairs enjoying their sweet dreams. The moment they realized there was a earthquake, they rushed towards there home nearby and tried to save their beloved kids. At the critical moment, the father pulled the mother out and went in himself. Like a bolting in the blue sky, the six-floor building suddenly fell down…. The mother knelt down the ground and cried out hysterically towards the dark sky…

I don’t want to rewrite this movie, because content of this movie is really good. The story goes the way it supposed to be, so touched by it….

I strongly recommend this movie to you, it successfully represents the hatred, the misunderstanding, the love among family members.

Younger brother and the sister were under each side of one heavy cement steel plate, who to save? In the period of time without advanced techniques, lift up one side, the other will die…. Both were her precious. A really difficult question for a mom……What will be her choice? 

I believe if it is possible, the mother is fully willing to sacrifice herself for the two children to survive from this disaster.

Twenty-three seconds made a family to suffer thirty-two years.

What we have heard perhaps was just a few numbers without any temperature, twenty-four millions of fatalities, sixteen millions of casualties, but if you go near every family, experience their pain of losing, it would be a new grasp of this calamity.


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