A Memorable Chinese New Year

Chinese Mew Year is a really important traditional festival for the Chinese. It is always related with the reunion of family. ( 团圆 )Whenever I think about it, it will give me the feeling of warm and love. It was also called Spring Festival ( 春节 )

I have been spent the past thirteen times of New Year Eve with my family, so we are used to be together at that moment, Besides, New Year is only once a year and it was a refreshing start of a new beginning. So, even there was only a three-day short holiday, I went back to China to celebrate this festival.

My parents came to fetch me at the airport when I arrived. 

We made dumplings together around a big table, without the disturbing of any electronic devices. Our heart were full of peace and happiness. We chatted with one another freely. After a while, I suggested to have a Dumpling Making Competition. We compete with each other the speed of making dumplings, No doubts, I would definitely be the last one. Competition started with a ‘beep’ sound of a stopwatch. Everyone were trying their best,. Their hands flew quickly in the air like butterflies.

My mischievous three-year-old brother wanted to join us as well. He washed his hands and poured some flour on the chopping board. When he was going to start, every part of his body seemed to become very itchy. He scratched his face, wiped his forehead…. Before long, he turned white already, everywhere of him was spread with flour . He looked really funny. Sadly, a Dumpling Making Competition turned to a fight with the flour for my brother.

There were two clean coins were  contained in two of the dumplings. It was a auspicious sign for the ones who ate the  dumplings with coins. My dad and brother got one each. How lucky they were! It may not be true but it was a beautiful hope for the upcoming year.

Oops, I cannot carry on writing as I need to go to bed already. Tomorrow I will tell you more details about my Chinese New Year!Image



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