Name: Zhu Yiqing



Avenue 3


Singapore 760766

Date: 1 February 2014


Subject:Little India Riot

Dear Grace,

How have you been studying in New Zealand ? Is it beautiful ? Are you feeling stressful in study? We missed you so much. Father and mother were talking about you all the time, worrying about your conditions. They urged me to contact with you.haha.

Have you read the newspaper recently ? Alright, as I know that you don’t have the habit of reading news, let me tell you something that is quite serious. The issue was closely related to the relationship between Singapore and India, and it was very likely to have a bad affect on it as well.

Please don’t be too shocked when you hear it. An Indian national  was run over by a private bus! It was horrific, right? I was sorry to heard that. This fatal accident occurred at a junction in Little India. Things went worse as it caused angry mobs of passersby to attack the bus involved and emergency vehicles that had by then arrived at the location. They set the bus on fire even more. About 300 Indian nationals were involved in the riot which lasted for hours . This was the second riot in post-independence Singapore. However, it is a good reminder to Singaporeans that even in a stable society, such an incident can happen. After all,  Singapore is a multiracial country.

Somehow, I can understand why they would behave like this. Because they were patriotic and have the desire for others’ respect for their race. I think the Indian migrants might be  more sensitive about this as they were living in a foreign country. However, the way they expressed it was wrong and too violent. And they had also misunderstood the others, behaving like this without knowing the details thorough the whole accident. Even there is any disparity, they should not solve the problem this way, it would not make any headway but make the situation worse. Actually, no one ever had any malicious thoughts toward them.

How the India’s TV station, Sun TV reported this incident had really offended the Singaporeans. They were not telling the truth but simply comments depends on what they thought the fact would be. Besides, they were not entitled to report this incident. They said that the foreign workers were attacked by Chinese Singaporeans and that the person who died in the accident was pushed off from the bus and run over by a female bus driver.

What do you think, Grace? Does it make sense? Why would a female bus driver push a passenger out? She would be put behind the bars by doing this as Singapore is one of the countries with the most strict laws. This was considered  murder! The truth was the male was drunk and the bus was full but he climbed on and started causing trouble such as took off his cloths. Then they asked him to alight GENTLY. After alighting from the bus, he kept chasing after the bus in an unsteady manner. He then stumbled , tripped and fell onto the path of the rear tyre of the bus and was run over.

It’s true that we had responsibility for this sad incident but, we did not do it on purpose as what they had said at all.

There is no point of discriminate against any race of people. We are all sharing the same air, the same sky, the same ground, the same environment, the same earth. Our body systems are the same as well. All of us need oxygen, need food to survive. We all have family, have the people we love the most. And also sometimes we will cry, will be feeling bad when we encounter failures, difficulties. We are emotional animals. As what I think, different countries of people are just from different groups. When natural disaster come, no one will be able to escape, the nature does not know your nationality so it is fair to every one. There is no need of feeling superior of the race you are and look down others.

In another word, we are all human. As what Nelson Mandela had said,’No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.

Do you have the same feelings with me? These are my opinion on this incident and also sensitive race things. How about you? Looking forwards your response.

Wish you all good!



4 Feb 2014


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