Struggle in AEIS for All International Students ( draft one )

I am an international student from Chong Boon Secondary School Class 1-E1 and my name is Zhu Yiqing. I came to Singapore on last year April 16th when exactly my thirteen birthday was.My parents found a international school called SSTC through their friends recommendations. The school is located at Dhoby Ghaut. There were three other friends came with me. I lived in my school hostel at Yio Chu Kang, it was quite far. .When I first came, I could only understand by half guess and half listening . And was also very difficult to communicate with others in English. On the first day I went to school , I tried really hard to learn and study. Teacher taught us twenty words the first day. However, days past and the number of words we learned everyday gradually increased to sixty. Although ,it was really hard and needed a lot of effort and time. Suffering from tiring and also missing for my family, my parents ,my home, I have thought of giving up, and surrender to difficulties. However , before long, I would regain my passion and confidence.A lot of people and also my teacher told me frequently that how difficult the exam was .  In the previous years, there was merely about 10% or below students could pass. So, I was very scared .One of my friends was scared away….You may think that it was unbelievable, but it was true. After one month of staying here, he actually went back to China .I studied really hard , stay up until three, four o’clock was normal for me. I did a lot of extra exercise.After almost half a year, the examination finally came.  . Even the night before AEIS, I also didn’t sleep. I thought it made no difference for me, I was used to it already.10th of October  was an important day for me, that was when both my mental and physical suffering ended.Then , after that , I immediately went back to China. I missed her so much—my country. Even it was a place where we usually complained about , but I really love it!. It made me felt warm and welcomed. And I also realized that I was not alone.I stayed in China for two months , spending time together with my family and also waiting for the result on nervous . Time flew, 24th of December , nine o’clock, i could always remember the accurate time when my school teacher called . My mom answered . She actually screamed out .  I was informed that I passed the exam and enrolled into a government school, and express course as well. My friends didn’t got government schools, I felt sad for them , but while I was studying , they were either playing or sleeping.



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