The Story of A Pencil Case

Name: Zhu Yiqing

Class: Perseverance 1-E1

Date:25 Jan 2014

Title: The Story of A Pencil Case ( Draft 1 )

“ Heh, heh! Excuse me….” I yelled in displeasure. OH MY GOD! Was there an earthquake ?  I was aroused by some noise and shaking . I was just dreaming about an ice-cream. It was a sunny day. The sunlight was so bright that I could not opened my eyes. I stretched my arms and looked around out of the zipper. Trees and people were flying pass me.

“ Please stop, wait for me! I am going to be late for school !” . It suddenly dawned on me that my owner , Andy , was rushing to the bus stop in order to catch the bus to his school. I sighed in disappointment . It happened nearly every morning. It had already been a scene at the bus stop!

He tapped his ez-link card and found a seat near the window. Putting on the headset , Andy took out of his homework that was not done yet . I was also taken out and I was kind of proud that he could not do any piece of work without me .  My owner started to write in a really messy manner. He needed to hurry and finish up his homework before the teachers collected at the beginning of the day.

“Ding dong” , the door opened and Andy looked up to check where he was. “ Ohhhh…. I have missed the right stop a stop away !” He quickly packed his schoolbag and dashed out of the bus.      “ Boy ,boy! You dropped your pencil case !” one of the passengers shouted but he had already disappeared in the crowd as it was during the peak hours. I lied on the cold seat ,alone, and was forgotten by the busy world. Everyone was rushing. Students were rushing for school . Adults were rushing for work.  

Let me introduce myself. As what you had heard just now on the bus , I was a pencil case. Andy’s mom sent me to him as a birthday gift and also to encourage him to study harder. She brought me in a small stationery shop belonged to an old couple . I stayed with them for a long time as I was not that good-looking as any others.( so seldom people would have the desire to buy me ) They put in a lot of effort  to run this little business . They used a soft towel to wipe away the dust on my plastic clothes ( cover ) every single day. I had always been trying to talk with them or draw their attention but it was futile. They always ignored me and assumed that I had no brain or any feelings.  I trusted them so much and never thought that they would sell me out to a stranger! When they exchanged me with money, which was just a few pieces of paper in my eye, I could clearly hear the cracking sound of my breaking heart. Tears rolling down my cheeks, they simply thought that it was just water accidentally splashed on me.Tears was blood without colors.  

The bus suddenly jolted and pulled me back from my recollection  to the reality and the horrible situation I was in. I slipped onto the ground. After a long period of time, no one even noticed me,no one cared about my exist. My eyes looked around in a trance-like manner. I was numb in feelings already.I blamed the destiny of being unfair. 

A pair of warm hands touched my skin and gently picked me up. ” Whose pencil case is it?”.  I could tell that the voice belonged to a teenage girl. She walked around in the bus and asked the passengers one by one.” Is this yours,sir ?” many people shook their heads and I could clearly feel the disappointment shown in her tone. She handed me to the bus driver before alighting. The driver smiled and praised her for her good deed. 

The uncle put me on the windowsill. I glanced out casually with a depressed mood. The scene outside caused my jaw to drop to the ground. How beautiful the world was! I exclaimed in elation. My heart was unexpectedly cleaned by the beauty and tranquil of the nature. The chirping of the birds in the flourish trees comforted me further. Why had I neglected nature in all its beauty until now? The white clouds kept changing their shapes continually. Sometimes it looked like a little cute kitty, then after a while it became a hamburger. Wasn’t it interesting?  They were like cotton candies floating in the shallow blue sky. The sky was also as clear as diamond. It seemed to be transparent.

I traveled with the driver for the whole day, and saw a lot of things I had never seen before in my entire life. I saw children playing happily, burden-freely on the playground with their parents. That was a question I have always been wondering about. Where were my family? I admired that kind of love. Love that was without reason and never asking things in return. I saw disabled people striving for a better life. I saw gardener concentrating on trimming bushes in different shapes. I saw workers repairing the roads under the scorching sun. I saw everyone trying their best on their duties. I saw everyone contributing their parts to the society.

Earlier before , my life consisted of stationery shop and the stomach of the schoolbag only. I never know that the world was so colorful and optimistic. I was like a frog at the bottom of a well– able only to see the little patch of sky above. 

In the blink of an eye, the night came. The road lamps were turned on and the city totally changed her appearance. The neon lamps outside the shops or around the brims of the title were so bright and nice. They waved to me, saying ‘welcome!’. 

The day ended at a bus interchange. The uncle brought me down the bus with him. I was curious where he was going and how he was going to deal with me. My heart thumped wildly against my chest. I was feeling insecure. He took me into an office called ‘ Lost and Found Office ‘ and filled a form. After that, he left. An old lady put me in a room with some other items. There was an alarm clock sat nearby me. Her name was Grace. She wore a pink dress and with two big ears on each side of her head. The two hands( indicator)inside her transparent cover had already stopped working for a long time because they never fed her with battery. She was very friendly and told me about her past and how she came to here. Through her introduction, I knew that she had already been here for almost half a year. Her owner was a student also. Grace accompanied her for a few years. Once, her auntie gave her a new alarm clock. She threw Grace away on a bench in the MRT station. See, this kind of tragedy always repeatedly happened on us. We comforted each other and always stayed together with each other.

After a year, no one came to fetch us. I was used to my new life. However it was always not the way we thought it would be.

One day, a figure went in the room and packed all of us into a big jute bag and put us in a car. The carried us to a church. We were delivered to the needy as a donation. They were so poor to afford any stationery, but they wanted to study and go to school. I felt so sad for the plight that they were in. We needed to let the rich students know that there were still a lot of children in this world were suffering from poverty and not to easily throw their belongings just because they were bored about it and wanted something new. 

I felt satisfied about my new work–to serve the poor. They treated me as their precious. Because they had so little, they treasured so much…..  




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